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Bar Matchless 4/24/12

We had an amazing time playing Bar Matchless in Greenpoint last night, along with our friends from milán, Pax Humana, and Color War. Thank you to all of our great fans, friends, and new faces who came out on a chilly Tuesday in April (some from as close as Canada and as far as Manhattan). And thank you Jesus who did sound and Sarah for running the door.

David Bronson & The Long Lost at Bar Matchless 4/24/12

DB & The Long Lost onstage at Matchless 4/24/12

Ancient History 1

writing about one’s past is a little questionable,
in a cop-out sort of way,
a kind of avoidance of the living
but no more so than writing about the present
or the future
or anything for that matter
so is it any worse to write about
writing about the past?
I guess not