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some of it

To perform solitary work
For well more than a decade
To be alone
To be pumped so full of the energy of the universe
That you feel as though you will burst from the fullness
When it is happening

To feel death most every day
And some much more than others
To yearn for connection
To yearn for love
Lost and yet to come
And then finally
To have it

To smell and see and touch
And live among baseness everywhere
To be disgusted by your fellow man
By your culture, your society
Their values
Their waste
Their constantly demonstrated stupidity
And then to love, to cherish, be astounded by, in awe of
And so deeply thankful for
Your nation
Its premises
Its history
Its elasticity
Its variety
Its output
And its opportunity
Which is your opportunity
While realizing at the same time how broken it is
Just like us

And then to identify with anyone who does what you do
And feels what you feel
In any place and any time
Much more than those who do not do and feel these things and ways

To feel always
And to be numb
To be broken
And broke
To live like a king
To treat yourself, and others
And search endlessly
Hoping to grow

Making of ‘Times’ music video


When I can look at something,
take it in just for the sake of itself
I am happy
Too often the implants of our culture jump to ask
“how can I use this?”
and I become immediately not-happy
I do my best to suppress this learned urge every day
because I know
at the level of deepest existence
it isn’t there

Times (Official Video)

This is the official video for Times, the first single off the debut album, Story
Featuring The Long Lost.

Directed by David Bronson.
Director of Photography, Color Correction, Additional Editing by Joshua Sandler.
Camera Operation by Chris Cortez & Evan Cohen.
Rotoscoping by Lindsey Schneeberger.

Thank you Cody!

Acoustic Show @ The Bitter End

David Bronson and The Long Lost at the Bitter End

photograph by Evan Cohen

Thank you to all our good friends who came to the Bitter End friday night. We had an amazing time playing acoustically for you (it’s always a joy to hear Jordan on piano!). And thank you to the Bitter End for a beautiful sounding set.

The Bitter End 05.18.12

db launches this site

Hello! It’s May 2012 and I’m glad we’re here together in whatever form this is. I’ve been making a lot of music and other things for a number of years, and am just now beginning the process of bringing it out into the world. This website is one of the first conduits for that purpose.

In June I will be releasing my debut record, Story. There will also be a whole slate of other original artwork, songs, videos, collaborations, writings, imagery, and items released here, in conjunction with Story, in the coming months.

Thank you for being here, thank you for listening, & most importantly, thank you for adding to our shared existence in all the good ways you can and do.

All my best, David