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2012 Digital Press Conference

2012 Digital Press Conference

Looking forward to a great day & very excited to have been invited to perform at what promises to be an amazing summer music event. Presented this year by Ariel Publicity Cyber PR & ReverbNation.

About the event

The Turns – live

Fontana’s – June 13, 2012

Story Album Release, Fontana’s 06.13.12


There’s plenty of distraction. No end to it, in fact.
Even this guy’s singing here in the subway is like candy;
a break between doing what you’re supposed to be doing,
which is living, I suppose
So in that regard, even engaging with him is as fine as anything else,
and even he is as well off as anyone else
since it’s all living.
But this completely conventional unconventional outlook doesn’t address how
if you’re any sort of normal person
you need much, much more than merely living
to be anywhere near appeased
Living is where it’s at though, isn’t it?
really living, I guess
What the hell is that, though?
Being with my girl?
Writing a song?
Laying in the grass?
Not caring?

Album is Out Now! Pay-What-You-Want plus My Gift to You & Your Friends


I’m thrilled to announce that Story is now available at the major digital retailers!

iTunes (digital download)
amazon (digital download)
CD Baby (physical CD or digital download)
PAY-WHAT-YOU-WANT (digital download)

AND – For those of us that still like the physical:

If you have friends that you think would be into this record, I will send you a free copy of the CD (including fold-out original artwork poster by Jeremy Bronson) for sharing it with them.

Just send me an email at with mailing address and number of copies you’d like for you and your friends, then expect to receive them via the US Mail!
(Continental United States only ;))

Thanks and Enjoy! David

David Bronson Story Album Cover square format

Wanting to be Reminded

Are there too many people in this city or just enough?
Sometimes the proximity to so many others is basically intolerable.
Being in close quarters can breed disgust very quickly.
On the subway, or anywhere.
But then someone does something very human.
Which has become oddly, unfortunately, unexpected.
They give up their seat, talk to a stranger, talk to you.
And, after the momentary surprise, I suddenly feel kind of stupid.
And then hopeful.
To be reminded,
that while we are all walking around,
feeling disconnected and alone,
pretending, then thinking, then believing that we are alone,
we are all together,
and wanting to be reminded of it.