Subway #1

Sardines at 5:45
The collection of humanity on the subway
One guy is narrating his thoughts
Like an asshole.
I can’t concentrate on my book
Earlier I watched someone pouring out what seemed to be the complete depths of her soul
without noticing that the other person was basically elsewhere
Holy shit, I’ve never heard a beggar quite like this groveling woman
as she makes her way down the aisle
weeping and drooling, asking for money
asking for what?
The day started well
I met an artist on the subway
It descended after that.
Women all around me talking, talking
about what?
A headache on the way to rehearsal
what is real fun, though?
I wonder again
on the train


  1. Robbie says:

    Hey Dave,

    Yes….. I understand! The subway is like a box of chocolates!

    • dbstory says:

      Yup – crazy chocolates, loud chocolates, sweaty chocolates, well-behaved chocolates, zombie chocolates, mariachi chocolates, biker chocolates, always a surprise!!

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