Real Prize

I want this I want that
I want to stay at the nicer hotel
I want the good food
I want to never need to worry
never even think about it
and I’m the kind of person who can get there from time to time
I’ve done it, been completely free
free and easy
And I want that
I want all of it
Why the hell wouldn’t I?
I want to enjoy my life
I want only to enjoy my life
Why would you even talk about anything else?
(I know why)
But then, I’m forced to think just a little deeper
just below the surface of things
which is what we live on top of
In our face every damn day
But just below
the real place of existence
Where I know I’ve chosen well
maybe the best
Not compared to others, but compared to what I could have chosen
And I really do hope that
down there
everyone has that

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