Tired of talking

There’s a lot of talk lately about existence.
A lot of talking, a lot of thinking.
I’m basically of the mind that there’s the talking, the thinking,
and then there’s the doing, the living.
I very strongly prefer this latter way.
I’m very tired of, and think have been pretty successful at starting to get away from thinking too much. It starts to sicken me.
I’d like to believe that one of, if not the single most valuable thing I’ve learned (in a certain way), is to realize the point at which there has been enough thinking – could be about any thing or situation – and the time has arrived for the appropriate action (which could consist of anything, including moving on and/or doing nothing).

As I write this, there just happen to be these two guys across from me, pretty young guys – probably early twenties – they look and sound very educated, talking very interestedly to each other. Back and forth. About their opinions, their positions, their thoughts, politics, society, etc. And it just sounds incredibly tired to me.

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