Like trying to end world hunger

Why can’t we all just call it like it is, even most of the time? It doesn’t have to be all the time – I’m aware how completely counterproductive that would end up being in a practical, logistical, life-living sense.

But, for example, why can’t I just say to a friend, “actually, no, this is shit. And I know that you did it and therefore, like all of us do (usually much, much too casually), you’ve ascribed it some intangible connection to yourself, some self-ness, and you want everyone to like it (because you want everyone to like you and you think they’re related [and they very probably are related in the current way of things]).” But why couldn’t it be possible that someone could just put a thing together, any thing, from any pieces or parts, and it wouldn’t need to be attached to them, it’s not like an arm, or a child – it’s just a thing, possibly a very pleasing combination, or a helpful one, or maybe a terrible one, or, most likely, not worth mentioning one way or the other. And who really cares which anyway? Maybe a few people, sometimes. I know, this is just not how we are. And I’m just as guilty of the ego-driven attachment as everyone else. But I do believe that this really is not a terribly healthy way in which to view or contextualize things (including ourselves).

And this is just one example. Another would be to point out how shitty (i.e. horrifically low level of nutrient value for soul, spirit, body, mind, etc.) most of the stuff we’re exposed to, expose our children to, accept, eat, and even begin to crave in a sick, empty, junk-food kind of way is.

So I guess any real reversal of these aspects of our culture and our selves on any significant scale is just too much to ask for. Like trying to end world hunger or something.

But, if there’s an awareness, we owe it to the potential current and future good of everything to keep trying.

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