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A Very Late Hour

It’s a very late hour
I listened before reading
Wrote before that
With guitar, voice
Now with words, voice

Just heard someone sneeze
In another apartment
So I’m not the only one

I’ve been staying up like this
3am, 4am, 5am
Why not?
Working now, working later
Makes no difference
There are no weekends

I saw and heard a dance with music performance tonight
that inspired the living hell out of me
and started writing a new record
A new kind, for me anyway
It’s turning out to be a good night
(Knock on wood)

Tape to Tape Review

David Bronson's album Story reviewed by Tape to Tape

“sounds of Neil Young, David Bowie.. and even, dare I say it, a 70’s era Elton John in places, to give the listener a great sounding, well crafted, delightful album.”

Thank you to the excellent blog Tape to Tape for a thoughtful review of Story.


The Wish


My wish for all of us, inside and out, now and forever.

Holiday Season Fire Extinguisher

People cavorting outside. It’s holiday time, the Saturday night before Christmas, which is Tuesday, so as far as the world’s concerned, vacation’s begun. It’s only about 1am (so I guess Sunday morning technically), but it’s the middle of the night in my apartment. Lights out because I was so dead tired from the weeks of insufficient rest I finally couldn’t do anything but drop at 9pm for the first and very likely only time this year. But I woke up to take a leak around midnight and that was it. F’ng brain – on – laying in the dark for the next hour with a headache. So I finally decided to cut my losses. Rather than churn for another 5 or 6 useless, frustrating hours I listened to a record and now am doing this. Not much, granted, but at least I can feel like I’m putting out one more kind of fire, rather than sitting in one. A small, relatively insignificant one for sure, but a fire nonetheless. And that’s something.

Happy Holidays.

Largehearted Boy – free download of new single

Here’s a present from Largehearted Boy – free download of my new single ‘Momentary’

David Bronson Momentary free download on Largehearted Boy

Stream or download ‘Momentary’ HERE

The Vinyl District: First Date


“At the tender ages of 2, 3, 4, and upwards my brothers and I would hang out (i.e. “play”) for hours on end centered around our tan and brown, plastic Fisher Price turntable”


The total:spec interview

Very excited to have been interviewed by the excellent UK music & culture site total:spec


Thoughts on ‘The Turns’

The Turns is in many ways a summation of the entire Long Lost Story project. I was trying to convey the sense of movement from the almost desperate intensity bound up in the youthful yearning of first love, into the brutal detachment that can accompany the crumbling of such a reality, right through the gaining of perspective, and finally thankfulness that can only come with the passage of time. In this way the narrative outlined in the song covers essentially the full arc of the two albums, turning the song into a sort of thematic “overture” which was one of the reasons it was chosen to be the first song on Story. And since Story is being released first, The Turns becomes in essence an introduction to the whole project.

This is also why the symbol of the river, as a metaphoric depiction not only of the passage of time, including all the bends and changes that come with it, but also as a representation of the inextricable connectedness of all the parts and times of a life (and of all things and all times, really), is such a significant visual and conceptual element in the song, as well as throughout the whole record.


Why do we so easily forget?

New Mexico was yellow.
Utah and Colorado were red. 
(I’m sure they still are).
I visited that part of the country roughly 14 years ago,
 and I swore to myself that I would never go more than 2 years without getting back to the West.
Of course not.
Why, after having been that deeply and profoundly affected in such an unprecedented and positive way, would you ever want to deny that to yourself?
You wouldn’t.
And yet, as certain as I was that I had found a new kind of spiritual home away from home, here I am, a decade and a half later, having not gotten back since.

Why do we so easily forget?

On Air Interview with Fearless Radio

It was my pleasure to be interviewed by Chicago’s Fearless Radio

David Bronson interviewed by Chicago's Fearless Radio

The interview is available to stream at their site or download the podcast.