Holiday Season Fire Extinguisher

People cavorting outside. It’s holiday time, the Saturday night before Christmas, which is Tuesday, so as far as the world’s concerned, vacation’s begun. It’s only about 1am (so I guess Sunday morning technically), but it’s the middle of the night in my apartment. Lights out because I was so dead tired from the weeks of insufficient rest I finally couldn’t do anything but drop at 9pm for the first and very likely only time this year. But I woke up to take a leak around midnight and that was it. F’ng brain – on – laying in the dark for the next hour with a headache. So I finally decided to cut my losses. Rather than churn for another 5 or 6 useless, frustrating hours I listened to a record and now am doing this. Not much, granted, but at least I can feel like I’m putting out one more kind of fire, rather than sitting in one. A small, relatively insignificant one for sure, but a fire nonetheless. And that’s something.

Happy Holidays.

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