It’s on its way! I had the time of my life making this one – THANK YOU to the wonderful people and places that helped bring this into existence: Godfrey Diamond, Robbie “Seahag” Mangano, Lautaro Burgos, Robin Clark, Carlos Alomar, Lea-Lórien Alomar, Gordon Grody, Rob Clores, Cody Marksohn, Maria Neckam, Brittany Anjou, Shani Clayton, Perfect Mixes, Mission Sound, CMS.

Can’t wait to bring this baby into the world!

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  1. lindsay crosby says:

    Great recording! Full sound of instruments and a sense of purposefulness comes out of the backing singers. Davids voice is friendly like a supportive older brother. David is a supplier and his work sinks in; in an acceptable way leading one to be intrigued.

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