Official Bio

It seems to me that, above all else, art is a celebration of existence. The project I have taken on is a very simple, straightforward one: the attempt to record and communicate a life, one chapter at a time. You could say that implicit in this endeavor is the belief that our lives and experiences are worth expressing, which I think is true.

So far, I have written a number of full-length albums of original songs, each one in some way containing, outlining, and attempting to express the arcs (or “stories”) of corresponding periods of my life. My goal is to continue this process as long as I can.

I do not mean to imply that a project like this is really any different from what all artists do, have always done, and likely will always do, but only that I like to think of it in these terms. No one knows exactly why, but there is the feeling of a need to externalize the internal experience; to express something, and it is said, afterall, to ‘write what you know’. This is what I’ve done, and plan to keep doing.