Carlos Alomar Interview + “Connect the Dots” Premiere at MOJO

The UK’s iconic music mag MOJO published this fantastic interview today with the one and only Carlos Alomar, and threw in an exclusive premiere of the new video for “Connect the Dots” for good measure!

MOJO's interview with long-standing Bowie collaborator Carlos Alomar on his new work with NY singer-songwriter David Bronson

Performer Magazine Studio Diary – on newsstands this month

There’s a studio diary interview with myself and Godfrey Diamond on the making of the record in this month’s issue of Performer Magazine.

Available through December wherever fine music publications are sold! ;)

Performer Magazine's Studio Diary with David Bronson and Godfrey Diamond on the making of his new album Questions.

Entertainment Weekly premieres ‘Songbird’ Video

I’m so thrilled that Entertainment Weekly is premiering the first official video, for ‘Songbird’ – right now!

Entertainment Weekly premieres the official video for David Bronson's "Songbird"

That was a great day! THANK YOU to my amazing collaborators!!

Two reviews in one day

Two great pieces came in yesterday, from the UK and here at home.

Thank you Sonic Breakfast

David Bronson's album Questions reviewed by Sonic Breakfast (UK)

photo by Kyle Dean Reinford

And from the always quirky and wonderful babysue
David Bronson's Questions reviewed by

Bobby Keys

Bobby Keys

I’m so terribly bummed to hear of the passing of Bobby Keys. A monster of a musician, the quintessential horn player, and by all accounts someone who lived life to the hilt, he blew his heart straight onto every song and album he touched. Stones, John Lennon, Joe Cocker, Nilsson, Dr. John, Buddy Holly, and on and on. He will be sorely missed by those who know how much he added.

New York Natives – Acoustic Rooftop Session

New Yorker David Bronson tells New York Natives a bit about his upcoming record and performs his song Songbird from his upcoming album "Questions"

This was a lot of fun! Thanks New York Natives for a great afternoon. Featuring the one and only Lautaro Burgos on percussion.

NE:MM Album Review

UK's NE:MM reviews David Bronson's forthcoming album Questions.

Thank for the nice review, NE:MM


The band and I had the most wonderful night on Friday. THANK YOU so very much to everyone who came out, thank you to Rockwood Music Hall, and most especially, THANK YOU to my absolutely incredible, show-stopping band.

Robin Clark, Carlos Alomar, Lea Lórien, Lautaro Burgos, Rob Clores, Al Carty, and Robbie Seahag Mangano, you guys are simply the best!! And to the inimitable Godfrey Diamond as well! Much Love! David

David Bronson at Rockwood Music Hall, New York City, Nov. 21, 2014

photo by Nathan West

Here’s a wonderful review of the show from our friends at Rock NYC, thanks guys!!
Review of David Bronson at Rockwood Music Hall by Rock NYC Live and Recorded


David Bronson premieres songs from his upcoming album "Questions" at Rockwood Music Hall, Nov. 21, 2014

By the way, this is a free show! I can’t wait to see everyone next Friday at Rockwood!!

Dancing About Architecture Reviews “Questions”

Music website Dancing About Architecture rviews David Bronson "Questions"

“eloquent street philosophy” – I love it! Thanks very much Dancing About Architecture.