Task (Official Video)

Concept and direction by Johannes Labusch

Song of Life (Official Video)

Concept and direction by Ben Goldstein

Life is Long (Official Video)

Day By Day (Official Video)

Connect the Dots (Official Video)

Songbird (Official Video)

New York Natives – Songbird Acoustic


It’s on its way! I had the time of my life making this one – THANK YOU to the wonderful people and places that helped bring this into existence: Godfrey Diamond, Robbie “Seahag” Mangano, Lautaro Burgos, Robin Clark, Carlos Alomar, Lea-L√≥rien Alomar, Gordon Grody, Rob Clores, Cody Marksohn, Maria Neckam, Brittany Anjou, Shani Clayton, Perfect Mixes, Mission Sound, CMS.

Can’t wait to bring this baby into the world!

Idols (Official Video)

One Simple Myth (Official Video)

David Bronson – One Simple Myth (Official) from David Bronson on Vimeo.