You came to give me a second sort of story
Second meaning, second chapter of my days

When it was through the story only showed me
How a life can get torn open, many ways

When it’s pulled apart without a seeming reason
There at first it’s not a thing to comprehend

But there’s only one of two ways that can go
And every story has to have a finished end

If I could trust it, where it’s going, let it happen
If I could just sit back and watch it manifest

At times detach myself, get in just when I should
Engage the outside, this, my constant living test

And if it comes, my once-forever doubtless meaning

When I see you will I know which way to run
Because I feel you in the distance, ever-faithful rising sun
And I hope I’m right in thinking that the effort will be none
But I suspect it will be easier said than done