I take the first step out the doorway
See the mountain there before me
A wishful thinking sort of story
No time to wallow in the doubt

My footsteps fall, they’re hesitating
The remnants of a life in waiting
Can’t be allowed to lurk about

A heart that’s bound behind steel shackles
Looking forward falling backward
Such a sad, ill-fated fracture
Think I should readjust my route

And go the way where you will be
Cause I don’t want to live without

And if I throw it all away, soon enough this too will only be
One more memory

I see you asking, looking outside, “am I missing something crucial?”
Just your senses, just forgotten we have content of our own
Given everything, all tools, the breath of life, the very sun
But still can’t seem to fill these holes

They must be cut here for a reason, arbitrary feels like madness
When’s the last time something led to nothing else beyond itself
And all that really matters, the return to heart and home

And if I give it everything, soon enough this too will only be
One more memory