I forgot it was good, and I thought you could tell me
Didn’t somebody see it for just what it was

I forget if I’m strong, but I thought you might need me
Won’t you use me to move you along

Something taken out, not at once but in pieces
You can try to put it back but it looks like a total mess

If I gave you a gift, would you hold it and keep it
Or just use it like currency, spend it and done

Could I be getting warm, if I’m cold then just kill me
Is there some combination that will get me inside

Something given up, or so it looks for the moment
But when you give enough it will turn up a golden egg

When I came to this place it was hate me or take me
And they gave me the feeling that gave me myself

Just look right in my eyes, even thought you’ll see through me
When it feels penetrating we’ll know that it’s good

How could somebody outside ever tell us what’s good