Unending (Underture)

When this began my shape was solid,
made of steel, or so I thought
More like liquid, will not hold an outline
You would think these days would form a border,
mold it from within
But the outline just keeps changing

Once when I was god

And soon enough this too will only be a memory

What becomes of all those things we build when we are young
Could something ever stay so whole, so pure
Tear off something fresh and new it never heals the same
But something’s here now, that wasn’t ever here before

I found myseld in a cartoon dream
I found myself hoping hope’s enough
Come into my cave, see what’s going on inside

You came to show me my future, left my head exhausted, bare
What did you give me, built it up with time and care
Will it be enough, though? What you need will come to you
I just can’t see it

We float just like a leaf inside a hurricane, without sufficient mass to hold us to the ground, yesterday I thought I would build myself a home, as if a mountain comes from thought and air alone

I lost myself in the middle of a child’s dream
Began so long ago and held me where I’ve been
All of those turns took time but then their time was done
So now I long for you, my ever-faithful rising sun
My only one

Living in a dream
Or surviving on the ground
Nothing’s wasted, nothing ends
We never lose the ones we’ve found