“Superbly crafted tunes” (read more)

Guitar World

“Immediately memorable.” (read more)

Entertainment Weekly

“Rooted in the works of gently folky singer-songwriters like Cat Stevens and James Taylor.” (read more)

Rock NYC

“The best album of 2015.” (read more)

Carlos Alomar (David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Alicia Keys)

“I think that David Bronson voices the inner yearnings of the heart, and I think that’s the most powerful thing an artist can do.” (read more)


“A very distinctive sound. And he seems to write great songs.” (read more)


“Tons of emotion and fantastic vocal work.” (read more)

No Depression

“I could never have imagined that he could produce an album of the magnitude of Questions three short years later… has had my head spinning.” (read more)


“It is big and it is grown up… Bronson has crafted a record that is difficult to ignore.” (read more)

American Songwriter

“Straight to the point. No fancy auditory bells and whistles required.” (read more)


“Fans of Neil Young, George Harrison, and the like… Give a listen to David Bronson.” (listen)


“A Wellspring of soulful authenticity.” (read more)


“David has done the impossible. He has changed his sound and jumped up to a bigger and more polished sound…and it all works perfectly. Mr. Bronson seems perfectly poised to see his fan base jump exponentially.” (read more)

The New Current

“Few artists can produce work that… lays one’s soul open as much as Bronson.” (read more)

The Rock Club UK

“A man rapidly mastering and maturing his varied songwriting craft and that of musical storyteller.” (read more)

Headphone Nation

“The songwriting is more confident and full of even stronger lyrical depth.” (read more)

Clash Music

“Carefully etched songwriting… his gently wrought acoustic tapestries seem to unravel into patterns all of their own.. There are nods to the Laurel Canyon school – Graham Nash, James Taylor – as well as more recent fare, with Iron & Wine standing out as a near parallel.. a near Elliot Smith use of twisted silence.” (read more)

Dancing About Architecture

“A sort of eloquent street philosophy, the thoughts and questions of everyday life made into poetic expressions.” (read more)

Sonic Breakfast

“Will I still be listening to ‘Questions’ in five years time? I think I know the answer to this. And I won’t be alone.” (read more)

This is Book’s Music

“Passionate songs that sound like something you want to remember and even turn into personal scriptures… Allow it to be one of your personal favorites of 2015, as it is mine.” (read more)

Toronto Star

“A level of obsession that’s enough by itself to endear him to some (us included)… sounds like Cat Stevens fronting David Bowie’s Spiders From Mars.” (read more)

My Old Kentucky Blog

“Bronson has it all: the confessional narratives writ larger by dramatic highs and lows. The build-up to rock ‘n’ roll-based payoffs. The inherent sense of textures, beats, and something that can only be described as movement.” (read more)


“It would seem David Bronson has soaked up all the best parts of ’70s rock and created his own vibe, which feels surprisingly new.” (read more)

Rock NYC Live and Recorded

“A full bloodied masterpiece and artistic triumph.” (read more)

Gold Flake Paint

“Bronson is an artist who commits fully to his task, delving deep in to his own back-story to deliver raw and honest songs that range from delicate musings to full-blown stories of love, loss, life.” (read more)

Folk Roots List

“You can hear the scope of Bronson’s intense desire to produce a full-bodied exploration of his inner life as the album ranges in influence, from guitar driven rockscapes to raw simplicity, as well as potent and poignant lyrics… from the glossy classicism of Scott Walker, Neil Young, and George Harrison, to a looseness and experimentation of modern converts to the folk-rock sound, such as Phosphorescent, Grizzly Bear and Iron & Wine.” (read more)

Indie London

“It’s no small compliment to say that Bronson draws favourable comparisons to classic artists such as Bowie, Pink Floyd, REM and The Beatles in some of his work. But he’s also a distinct artist in his own right and one of the most interesting artists to emerge from the New York scene in a while.” (read more)

Drowned in Sound

“The album plays like Bronson’s personal diary and a vessel through which he exorcises his personal demons. What stands is a decent recording from a reflective soul, one who’s purging his innermost feelings for all to see.” (read more)

Middle Boop Mag

“David Bronson is an NYC based singer-songwriter whose love for modern American folk rock shines brilliantly via his gritty, gruff musical creations that recall the likes of Neil Young and Iron & Wine.” (read more)

Those Who Dig

“This record will stay with everyone who hears it for a very long time because its inspiration, its execution, and its spirit are so powerful.” (read more)


“If New York’s David Bronson doesn’t end up being a big success in the world of music.. it will probably be because (a) he is too intelligent, or (b) his approach is too unconventional for the casual listener.. David’s sound still reminds us in many ways of David Bowie and (even moreso) Roy Harper. These are not pop songs in the traditional sense of the word. Bronson’s winding melodies and soul searching lyrics are precise and focused…and he’s got a totally incredible voice.” (read more)

Nanobot Rock

“Bold and original, there isn’t anything like Bronson.” (read more)

Musika UK

“Bronson’s album focuses on the darknesses he experienced as an individual – and this comes across in his work, which has been described as one of the most cathartic works of its time.” (read more)

The Aquarian

“The disc plays like a book and really features Bronson’s ability to write.” (read more)

This is Book’s Music

“David Bronson’s Story is an album for those who love their pop and rock done in a passionate way that sounds like it comes from the heart, and not something orchestrated by a marketing room.. within his lyric writing style is a push to widen the spectrum of the music itself. This is pop genius, abrasive when it wants to be, passionate throughout.” (read more)

Beats Per Minute

“David Bronson likes to watch both sides of the mirror – his attention is pulled toward the examination of extremes. Bronson channels the spirit of his musical heroes (George Harrison, Cat Stevens) and pours everything out in his earnest intimations of 70’s rock.” (read more)

Leicester Bangs

“Bronson’s a classic pop wordsmith, with one eye on the confessional singer-songwriter legacy of the early ‘70s, and the other on something far more immediate and upbeat. Great songs come thick and fast.” (read more)

Nothing But Hope And Passion

“A track that simply couldn’t be more emotional and breathtaking.” (read more)

Band of Badgers Presents

“Real music from a master song writer and musician. What appears most evident to me just from The Long Lost Story is how David Bronson is certainly a force in music to be reckoned with.” (read more)

Sound of Confusion

“The vocals are ace on this song, carrying emotion without straining or going over the top, and also giving off a warm, hazy glow that soothes the soul. A direct comparison is difficult to think of, and that in itself is something worth shouting about. Let’s hope Mr. Bronson keeps up this run of good form.” (read more)

Taken By Sound

“One of the most unexpected musical gems that I’ve managed to stumble across this year… An absolutely fantastic album from start to finish, and a definite contender for one of my Top 10 albums this year.” (read more)

XYZ Magazine

“An emotional crucible of sound.. a potent delivery of heart and soul.” (read more)

US Press: Josh Bloom

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Ellie Clarke / 01223 505328



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